Historical Victory Unveiled

The men's javelin throw gold medal-winning showing by Neeraj Chopra at the World Athletics Championships is going through Indian sports history

First-Ever Indian Gold

Neeraj's outstanding accomplishment represented a historic first for India as he became the first person from the country to win a gold medal in this deemed international championships

Unleashing Excellence

Neeraj displayed his outstanding talent and dominance on the global arena with a spectacular throw of 88.17 meters during his second attempt.

Recognition on a global scale

The Indian Army and the Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs of India both sent best wishes in the wake of Neeraj's victory.

Neeraj's win is a monument to his forever dedication intense training, and unflappable spirit, and it serves as an example for aspiring athletes.

Symbol of motivating

Neeraj's journey shows the courage of dreams, resilience by and passion, motivating generations to overcome obstacles and strive for greatness. This goes beyond the awards.

The silver lining is that Neeraj's victory improves India's total medal count and builds on his past silver medal from a previous Championship.

Pride of the Nation

Satish Kumar, Neeraj's father, expressed utmost pride in his son's achievement and called it as a moment to be proud of for the entire country

Everyone expects Neeraj's return with plans for jubilant celebrations to recognize his outstanding success.